NSW Premier Mike Baird has today declared that he is retiring from politics.

Mr Baird made the announcement this morning that it was time for him to to come good as a Liberal State Premier and not finish the full term he was elected for.

“Serving as premier of NSW has been a tremendous honour, but I have made clear from the beginning that I was in politics to make a difference, and then move on. After 10 years in public life, this moment for me has arrived,” he said in a statement.

However, on the other side of Sydney, away from Baird’s comfortable Manly electoral office, in another beach front suburb – with very similar demographics and socio-economics – Bondi nightclub promoter, Raj McConelly (29) is celebrating the revolution.

“We did it guys” he says to his six housemates.

“This is a true sign of the power held by Sydney’s youth”

Like many other ex-private schoolers who are waiting for their grandparents fortune, Raj has been campaigning, three to four times a fortnight, on social media, to bring an end to the Baird Government’s ‘archaic’ lock out laws.

“Gentrification is killing this city” he says while stirring his $7 almond milk half-caf.

“These laws have all but killed a night economy. We couldn’t stay silent any longer”.

With Baird’s resignation to be effective from next week, it is believed that Raj is not the only one who will be taking credit for the most recent resignation of a NSW Premier.

Orange-based greyhound trainer, Keith Bruce (55), says that ‘Baird flew too close to the sun’.

“He pissed off the wrong people!” he roars.

“We mightn’t look like much. Sure, most of us look like two-bit criminals. But we have a voice and we were heard”

Meanwhile, in Coffs Harbour, an unofficial environmentalist by the name of Banjo Clementé also believes he is responsible for Baird’s resignation.

“The shark nets were a step too far”

“He’s a dictator. I’m glad to see the back of him”.

It is not yet known how many 55-year-old Greens voters from Sydney’s Inner-West are claiming the resignation as a win for their anti-WestConnex community action group.






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