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As Mike Baird announced his retirement from the position of NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian steps to the fore, ready to assume the role as the first female Liberal leader to ever do so.

Just a few days after being prompted with the pressing matter of her child status, the media has come forth with the equally pressing and exceedingly relevant matter of whether she identifies with Carrie (portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker) or Samantha (portrayed by Kim Cattrall) from HBO’s hit series, Sex in the City.

“It comes as an issue of great importance,” explains Darren Rogers, political correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. “Whether Premier Berejiklian is a Carrie or Samantha speaks deeply to the psychology of her leading style. Obviously, Carrie being more emotional, seeking widespread approval, and textbook a populist. Whereas Samantha is more outspoken, and won’t take no mess. A more polarizing leader. Margaret Thatcher was totally a Samantha.”

“I mean, this is just basic science,” says Ken Gregory, second year medical student at the University of Sydney, and former rugby prodigy. “We should totally be tracking her menstrual cycle as well. You know. Just in case.”

A royal commission has since been organized in order to attain a definite answer, along with answers to other burning questions as what she will be wearing each week, who she is rooting for in The Bachelorette, and if she want to go on a date. Developments to come.


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