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Richmond Tiger’s midfielder Dustin Martin has vowed to fight the AFL’s investigation into his two-fingered salute towards Collingwood supporters with the “Goodsie defence”.

During Collingwood’s 91-point fingering by the Tigers last Sunday, Martin gave the Magpie’s supporters a couple extra digits to think about, after copping three-quarters of consistent abuse from the crowd.

Martin defended his gesture as an expression of his blue collar Australian cultural heritage, and termed it a “traditional war dance”.

I came up in Campbelltown and Castlemaine. When any c*** was kickin (sic) off back home, the prongs would come up, no worries ’nuff said,” Martin told the Betoota Advocate.

“My old man is a Kiwi and me mum’s Aussie, so showing people where they can sit is a part of my cultural heritage.”

Associate Professor in Cultural Studies at Melbourne University, Chris Healy agrees that telling people to “get f***ed” is an ingrained part of Anglo-Australian culture.

“White Australians have been telling people to sit and rotate since the convict ships of the first fleet. There is even anecdotal evidence to suggest colonists saluted the Aboriginals in Botany Bay with this very gesture,” said Healy.

“Dustin Martin’s mullet and neck tattoo combination would suggest he comes from a demographic that spends a great deal of time telling people to get f***ed. Whether it’s the police, staff at Centrelink or a pub-owner – your typical ‘houso’ frequently reacts to conflict in this manner, leading me to consider it an Anglo-Australian war dance.”

This latest scandal for Dustin Martin comes less than a year after being handed a suspended $2000 fine from the AFL for throwing up a “jailbird salute” after a goal in a losing game against Carlton. Martin believes he can fight off a second fine.

Dustin pays homage to all of his "boys in the pen" with a heartfelt jailhouse tribute
Dustin pays homage to all of his “boys in the pen” with a heartfelt jailhouse tribute


“If Goodsie and Jetta can run around throwing spears, What’s wrong with throwing up the forks? This campaign against me is racially motivated, people are just scared of a proud white battla (sic) standing up and saying get f***ed,” said Martin.

“I’m tired of white Australians getting treated like second class citizens for expressing our culture. You have no idea what it feels like when a tidy young mum crosses the street with her kids after seeing your neck tatts, we feel like we don’t belong in our own country.”

Rumours emerged in recent days that Josh Dugan could lead a group of NRL players showing solidarity with an embattled Martin by performing similar houso war dances in games next round.


  1. Maaaate! They’re Collingwood supporters – two fingers are merely foreplay!
    Maybe try your whole fist next time.
    But seriously, The PC Social Engineering crowd are stealing my Heritage.
    As a 5th Gen Aussie & proud Father of the 6th, it’s about time we got some recognition for building this country to what it is today out of the sticks & ashes of the “indigenous” inhabitants.
    It only took us 200 years, NOT 40,000.
    I want my “white man Tech” back from those who disagree.
    My children are entitled to a Heritage – we’ve earned it.
    Has anyone else?

  2. You go Dusty. I was glad you gave those Collingwood supporers a bit of their own back. How much abuse does any footballer, regardless of team, have to put up with. I think supporters should be escorted from the match if they continue with unnecessary verbal abuse.

  3. If this young man gets fined for giving the 2 finger salute, then the person in the crowd who did it should be fined as well. If Adam Goodes & Jetta can get away with what they did then this guy should get off too, or is it because he’s white. The AFL have too many double standards I feel.

  4. Dustin, just goes toto show you how ignorant you really are. Cannot compare your rude gesture to that of what Adam Goodes or Jetta done. Need to get over your prejudices young fella.

  5. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, can we please get on with being human, if the powers that be in AFL don’t want to end up the laughing stock of Australia get real!!!!
    Pan the camera out a bit more and oh my God look what the Collingwood supporter’s are doing we just can’t have that type of behaviour in our game, that is abuse Dustin may never play the game he loves ever again the mental scaring this will have on him is devastating for him and his family. But it doesn’t matter he’s a white fella!
    You already look like a bunch of gooses by protecting your golden child Fyfe?
    Do you really want to show the world how pathetic you really are, so what are you going to do to the numerous Collingwood supporter’s who gave the one finger solute which if I’m not mistaken is more derogative than two fingers? They should also be fined and banned from attending games for bringing the game into disrepute, you opened the box?

  6. Good on ya Dustin!! If supporters can yell and scream and rudely abuse & spit @ Jack and other players wearing the Richmond jumper then what you did is far less offensive … If certain footballers can war dance and cry bullying for a simple “Boo” … Then why can’t you two finger salute for copping swearing and spitting and “bullying” by opposition supporters all day? Bloody good on ya mate

  7. If we …and I say we ..don’t start getting over all this Bullshit ..that we are putting into the game ..is going to cause us to be over riddin …were Australians ..what ever you do don’t shape this game to be politically correct ….because that my friends will kill this game …we are being way to over protective of this sport …
    Stop the rot …and get on with the game of FOOTBALL ……this gesture is part of the game ..in a COLLINGWOOD SUPPORTER AND I WAS BORN IN COLLINGWOOD UNLIKE ALOT OF OTHERS OUT THERE ….lets just play footy !!!

  8. Google Dallas Scott The Black Steam Train, an indigenous leader and see what he has to say about the Goodes affair. Cannot understand why the media did not pick up on it. He is scathing of Goodes. Let’s get back to the good old Aussie way!

  9. Go Dustin!!!! If the AFL even consider fining him for this they are pure hypocrites of the largest degree. If that is the case then every spectator that does it should be fined the same too! Might not be so many collingwood supporters at games then!! I am sick to death of being branded a racist just because I am white and proud to be so

  10. Totally agree with Dustin , i admire hiis stance here ,all this politically correct stuff is just like all the other current issues forced on us by the same loud minority group , im with you mate

  11. Mate, it’s all farken bulshit. Carnt believe this horshit to beggin with. Dusties a true lejend and that anyways. Everry on elss can fukk of.

  12. Wrong! It’s a very apt comparison to a supposed war dance directed at the supporters by Goodes. For the record, there is no such thing as an indigenous war dance, unlike the kiwis whose moaris have cultural links to theirs. Goodes performed his own war dance, Martin has expressed his view of the white fella Aussie war salute, thus very little difference as both his and Goodes. PS I’m indigenous so I know what I’m talking about

  13. Serious how much of a douchebag can you be?! And for the bloke with the “we deserve recognition for building Australia up from the ashes” comment, get over yourself you arrogant wanker. This guy is clearly using someone else excuse (or whatever you want to call it) to be a true douchebag. Goodes’ stance was nothing in the realm of Get F***ed Australia.

  14. The AFL should get on with the game and stop trying to turn the players into girlie boys.
    I support Collingwood but for this player to be fined or whatever for this would be absolutely pathetic on the part of the AFL.

  15. Why not, Leon? Why can’t you compare? Apart from the cultural references to the first fleet, this history of the two fingered sailed going back to the English long bowman hundreds of years ago. If its part of his heritage, respect it. Just like we were told to with Goodes.

  16. No different to pathetic Goodes. He vould be the next Australian of the year, as long as he could point out a child that offended him publicly, or becomes so depressed that he states he may never play again! Not acceptable though, gets paid a lot so should expect a bit, particularly if you take into account some of the morons in the Richmond supporters, who I have found more offensive than even Collingwood supporters, who are definitely above par where rudeness is concerned. About time some of these overpaid princesses sucked it up and did as a highly paid role model should. Primadonnas much. Just saying…

  17. His right, we need someone to stick up for the Anglo-Australians. All government, mining and big construction companies select for minorities in job advertisements. It’s hard for me to get a job that I’m qualified and experienced in. I’m at a disadvantage for being a white male. The Napoleonic code was adopted in the early 1800s where people were selected on their merits not on who there parents were. What’s gone wrong. Australia your doing it wrong!

  18. It’s almost a crime to be a proud Anglo-Celtic Australian these days, So what my great great grand pa liked to conquer shit. The Greeks,Germans, Italians and Japanese all had a crack and the world forgave them?

  19. About time the PC crowd had it shoved back in their face, everyone is getting a bit too precious, lighten up and have a laugh for Christ sake!

  20. Let’s not forget that quintessential pub chant: No Way, Get Fucked, Fuck Off!

    Sums up our ‘stick it up ’em’ culture whilst taking the piss at the same time!

  21. Good on ya dusty about some one stood up for our aussie culture before it goes all together. Throwing a finger to the crowd is better than a spear. The afl got screwed by Goodsie and his agenda and were to gutless to admit it. Best of luck Dusty

  22. Well said mate.
    Australia is becoming a over the top bunch of prissies. Got to stop being so precious and delicate with all this political correctness bs.

  23. Thank you for pointing out the countless holes in the AFLs ridiculous argument to protect Goodes – the biggest cry baby to ever don an AFL football jumper.

    Brilliant work!

  24. All the rules and regulations are ruining the game we love if you put a step wrong you will be criticized this is a perfect example, Dustin was receiving verbal abuse the whole game and then was fined $2000 because of some salute thing it’s just silly lets focus on the game and try not to worry so much about every rule.

  25. Dustin hopes Collingwood might play a few women in the team in round two so he can bully them . In the the mining game we have a name for people with neck tattoos ( Dauchbags )
    Looks like he fell asleep and the drew on him. Does not impress anyone old mate .


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