Betoota Dolphins prop, Findlay Mignon (26), has reportedly slept with eight different women since Saturday’s spectacular premiership winning field goal.

The husky gentleman became a club hero after he kicked a field goal at 80 minutes to defeat the Noccundra Brahams 17-16.

The Honourable Bob Katter MP, who was present on the day, says the impressive form by Findlay reminded him of Johnathon Thurston’s golden point kick in the North Queensland Cowboys Premiership of 2015.

“It was just bloody spectacular!” said the Member for Kennedy.

“That bloke is going to fend the girls off with a stick tonight!”

“He’s not a bad looking rooster either, I reckon he’ll have a couple of kids kicking around next season,”

Sources close to the 1st grade co-captain say they are pretty sure Findlay’s first sexual encounter of the evening happened before he had even exited the sheds for the post-match presos.

“He’s off to a flying start. It’s good to see one of the big fellas kicking goals like this,”

It is believed that four of the eight women he has slept with were actually at the same time, but after chatting with both of them in the club physios hot tub afterwards, they all agreed that the fivesome should count as four separate roots for the big fella.

Findlay, who was nominated as one of ten finalists in the 2016 Budgy Smuggler’s Search For Australia’s Most Ordinary Rig, says he was humbled by attention he was copping from both married and unmarried women, following his euphoric small-town sporting achievement.

“It’s been great, mate” he said with a sheepish smile.

“I’m get text messages every couple hours from past acquaintances who want to receive the pipe,”

“I even had my old high school teacher, Mrs Guerra, hit me up. She’s got a son about my age,”

“Sport really is the greatest thing in the world” said the husky gentleman.

BELOW: FINDLAY MIGNON’s entry into Budgy Smuggler’s Search For Australia’s Most Ordinary Rig. If you have a portly mate to nominate for 2017, make sure you get a photo of them in their budgies with their rig out, using the hashtag #OrdinaryRigAU



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