President Putin also appears to be a fan of the iconic Australian swimwear line

18 May, 2015. 17:30

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

President Putin enjoys a spot of fishing in the Siberian hinterland.
President Putin enjoys a spot of fishing in the Siberian hinterland.

The website for iconic Australian swimwear company, Budgy Smuggler crashed briefly this morning after Russian news outlets released images of of their countries President wearing a pair of crotch-hugging togs.

The company, which is well-known for their 100% Australian-made swimwear line, have spoken to The Advocate today – about their server-melting rise in popularity. Particularly in Russia.

“Here we have a country of millions, with very little opportunity to add a bit of flair to their summer. Putin showed them today that they too can wear colour,” says Budgy Smuggler spokesman, Joel Newport.

“In the space of an hour, we had over 20 million people visit our website. We are not certain on our profits just yet, but it all comes down to Mr Putin and his love for showing off the dad bod,”

Kremlin spokesman, Kosztya Vasilyevna Glinskaya, has also spoken out about the President’s colourful new look.

“President Putin has taken a liking to Australian swimwear. This particular set of swimmers were in the APEC 2014 ‘showbag’ handed out by Australian representatives traveling with Prime Minister Abbott,”


“Mr Putin accepted Mr Abbott’s apology for his ‘shirtfront remark’ and has enjoyed using the swimwear while fishing and hunting in the Australian outdoors.”

President Putin joins a long list of international celebrities that serve as unofficial ambassadors to the “Budgy Smugglers”.

With a range of patterns, flags and slogans – the Budgy Smuggler brand appeals to many men and women around the world who are intent on showcasing their beautifully unique bodies.

Rumours have embroiled fellow dick-sticker advocate Tony Abbott, after suggestions he prefers the foreign-owner Speedo “budgie” smugglers to the locally owned Budgy Smuggler™.

The prime minister has refused repeated requests from the media to set the record straight.

“My underpants are not up for public discussion.” said Mr Abbott.




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